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Posted on 17 Nov 2016

The International Baccalaureate Career-related Programme


What is the IBCP?

The IB Career-related Programme (IBCP) is an exciting course that allows you the specialism of a Level 3 BTEC Extended Diploma along with two IB Diploma Programme subjects and the IB Core. This opportunity to combine academically rigorous IB courses with essential careers development equips students with transferable and life-long skills, whether they choose to head to university or into employment. The IB Core allows you to develop in preparation for entering our globalised world through language development, service learning, professional and personal skills, and a 3,000 word investigative project. Through these components, along with a wide range of educational visits and external speakers, IBCP students leave school fully equipped to flourish in the modern world.


We spoke to a number of current and past CP students to ask about their experiences:

On the Reflective Project (RP) - Aya Halim: “I really enjoyed the RP because I was able to explore a topic which I would never have researched would it not have been for this aspect of the IBCP. The question I chose to answer was ‘Why is the relationship between the western world and Muslims on edge.’ Learning how to write academically is the best way to prepare for university. As well as this, I had a lot of fun researching a topic which I wanted to learn more about!”

On Service Learning - Fahim Ahmed: “As part of my service I set up and now help to run the WA Badminton Club. We have a mixture of year groups. I’ve really enjoyed coaching and the satisfaction I get from teaching and helping others learn new skills. I feel like I’ve become a more confident leader, and fitter in the process.”

On the BTEC course - Kennet Tardivo: “What is great about BTEC is the independent nature of the course. It requires you to apply your knowledge in tandem with your problem solving skills to be productive in your lessons. However, your studies are not just limited to your classroom, as the BTEC is a platform that allows you to apply the knowledge and skills you have learnt from your course and apply them elsewhere, such as in the world of work. The BTEC is a challenging and rigorous course itself, as your grades are dependent on how dedicated and passionate you are for your subject. I have a variety of teachers for my BTEC lessons, and as such, I am able to use their expertise to my advantage, resulting in increased proficiency in my learning.


Leticia Carlos, Westminster University, Media: “University life is very different to life at WA, but doing the IBCP prepared me for the changes to come; it helped me develop my group management, organisation and presentation skills, as well as how to meet deadlines efficiently.”

Sagal Ahmed, Middlesex University, Law: “Encountering the issue of sticking to deadlines whilst doing the IBCP really helped me navigate through this issue at university. The IBCP taught me how to handle assignments with a strict deadline; a lesson I have carried with me to university.”

Hussain Al-Baghdadi, Brunel, Business and Management: “The IBCP fuelled in me a determination to do well, something I am reaping the benefits of whilst at university. The IBCP gave a really good foundation for me to work from at university - everything studied during the IBCP is covered at university - just at a higher level! It also taught me how to view, read, plan and revise, and how to produce excellent coursework. All of this means now I can relax a bit and my peers at university who didn’t study the IBCP have to catch up.”

By the Sixth Form Team


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