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Posted on 13 Oct 2017

Student's invention becomes patented

Two years ago former WA student, Siana Zhekova, got involved in the Arkwright Scholarship programme as an extra-curricular activity at Westminster Academy and created a new STEM invention, the ‘Emergency Necklace Bridge’. Ms Bull entered the design into a TeenTech competition and one year later, Siana received the Design and Construction TeenTech Award at Buckingham Palace. Fast forward to this year and her design has now become a patented invention in the UK!

Siana’s invention came about by drawing upon science, technology, engineering, maths and humanities knowledge to find a solution to a real-world problem. The invention relates to a temporary bridge for rapid deployment across a space in case of emergency, as well as the method of deploying said bridge. This might be in remote locations where extreme weather conditions or war has destroyed bridges and jeopardised communities in need of medical attention. The bridge is so easy to use that it can even be dropped into place by drones, with a harpoon shooting the bridge to the other side.

Following her award and praise for the design from industry experts, Siana began the process of having her invention legally protected under a patent. The process has involved a great deal of work by Siana, Ms Bull, Trevor Haydu-Jones (STEM ambassador from AMEC) and Beck Greener (patent attorney) so we would like to congratulate and thank all involved. The work will now continue in the hope that the invention will be recognised by a company who will make the invention become a reality.

Beck Greener have offered to support other promising students at Westminster Academy in the future, so we look forward to seeing the emerging talents of this year’s Arkwright Scholars and STEM Club students!

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