Careers Education, Independent Advice and Guidance (CEIAG)

Westminster Academy is committed to providing high quality educational opportunities that enhance academic qualifications and prepare students with the skills and knowledge to go on to successful and fulfilling careers.

Our CEIAG programme ensures that all students have regular access to a wide range of employers and training providers. We equip students with the research skills to access diverse information, advice and guidance; all of which allows them to make informed decisions to ensure they are successful lifelong learners at Westminster Academy and beyond.

Provision is tailored to each year group, ensuring students receive relevant support for their stage of education. Year 10 students spend two weeks completing internship placements, Year 12 students complete a one-week placement, while Year 11 and Year 13 all receive comprehensive support in deciding on their next steps, and in applying for university, apprenticeships or further education.

Careers-related opportunities at WA

You can view some examples of careers-related opportunities in our weekly newsletters and on our News page.


UniFrog is an excellent platform which allows Westminster Academy students to comprehensively research their futures. As well as interactive personality and interests quizzes, students can also find about local labour market information, career progression, universities and higher education courses. WA students are encouraged to keep a log of all of their achievements in the 'Activities' area to serve as a reference point for writing personal statements and applications when needed.

Information for employers, training providers and educational establishments

We are keen to work in partnership with further education providers, apprenticeship providers, universities and employers, to give our students access to assemblies, workshops, workplace visits, mentoring programmes and many other schemes.

Expressions of interest should be sent to the Careers Lead (see below for contact details).

Further details of the criteria under which organisations will be given access to students, along with our available facilities can be found in Annex A of our CEIAG policy, in accordance with Section 42B of the Education Act 1997.

Measuring and assessing the impact of CEIAG

The impact of CEIAG provision at Westminster Academy is continually evaluated through tracking each student’s exposure to events, regular feedback from student voice, internal and external data on students’ destinations, usage statistics on our careers portal, and other methods as applicable.  We also stay in touch with our alumni who help to inform our thriving Careers programme.

Contact our Careers Lead
Careers Lead

Mr Herbertson, Careers Lead

Find out more about our Careers programme

  • Further details of our provision can be found in our CEIAG policy, which will be reviewed in July 2022.
  • Employers, training providers, educational establishments, students, parents and carers can contact our Careers Lead to find out more (see above for contact details).