COVID-19 - Guidance for Parents and Carers

Welcoming students back: September 2020

Westminster Academy was delighted to welcome all students back to the building in September. Ahead of their return, comprehensive preparations were made to ensure we can provide the safest possible environment for students. Please read the following documents to see the measures that have been put in place and to read how parents, carers and students can support us:

1. Key information - returning to the Academy building

2. Health and safety - ready to welcome you back

3. Welcoming students back - how parents and carers can support

4. Behaviour protocol for social distancing

Timings of the day

As usual, the WA gates will be opening at 7.55am and closing at 8.28am and students must arrive at their tutor room by 8.30am.

Please see below for the staggered finish times we will be operating until further notice:

Year Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Year 7 3.20pm 3.00pm 3.20pm 3.00pm 3.20pm
Year 8 3.00pm 3.20pm 3.00pm 3.20pm 3.00pm
Year 9 3.20pm 3.00pm 3.20pm 3.00pm 3.20pm
Year 10 3.00pm 3.20pm 3.00pm 3.20pm 3.20pm
Year 11 4.20pm 4.20pm 4.20pm 4.20pm 3.20pm
Year 12 4.20pm 4.20pm 3.20pm 3.20pm 3.00pm
Year 13 4.20pm 3.20pm 4.20pm 3.00pm 3.20pm



In order to keep our community as safe as possible, we will not be hosting visitors at present. Parent/carer events will be taking place over Zoom. 

Key contacts

Name Role Email address
Ms Allotey Corporate Services Executive
Ms Baramidze Vice Principal, Inclusion and Behaviour; Designated Safeguarding Lead
Ms Carrier Vice Principal, Teaching and Learning
Mr Butler Vice Principal, Data, Assessment and Year 12 and 13
Ms Tsoi Assistant Vice Principal, Behaviour and Year 11
Ms Palmer Assistant Vice Principal, Curriculum, Timetable and Year 10
Ms Boam Assistant Vice Principal, Teaching and Learning Year 9
Mr Wilson Assistant Vice Principal, Teaching and Learning, Year 8
Mr Mulvihill Assistant Vice Principal, Inclusion and Year 7


Hospital access

Please be aware that the closest hospital to Westminster Academy is:

St Mary's Hospital

Praed Street

London W2 1NY