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Welcome to the Sixth Form at Westminster Academy

PW 2021 10 22 IMG 3322I was delighted to be appointed Principal of WA in January 2021 for several reasons, but one stands out: it is a very rare opportunity to be able to lead an Academy offering the International Baccalaureate (IB) programmes.  My 22 years in education - in five different countries - leave me in no doubt about the many benefits of the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) and International Baccalaureate Career-related Programme (IBCP). Indeed my own daughter followed the IB Diploma Programme after her GCSEs. The IB is less well known in the UK than other sixth form offerings and each year, some parents and carers ask: why does Westminster Academy choose to offer an IB education? We are a wonderfully diverse community at WA and since the establishment of our school in 2006 it has always been part of our vision, and that of our sponsor family, to provide an internationally-minded education which develops young people who recognise and celebrate different perspectives. In the ensuing years, it has only become clearer that such international mindedness is vital for the positive development of our planet.  At WA, we feel strongly that to achieve our mission - “Education is Success” - we should offer an education that provides not just the academic outcomes that give students choices, but a broad and balanced education that nurtures curiosity, focuses on critical thinking and intercultural understanding so that students embody the IB Learner Profile and are equipped to make an impact upon the world. 

At WA, this is achieved thanks to the commitment and expertise of our teaching faculty.  All of our teachers are themselves inquirers and passionate about lifelong learning. The Sixth Form is a supportive community which carefully coaches young people through these two significant post-16 years to help them feel prepared for university, apprenticeships, careers and the personal challenges that come as a young adult. We give students myriad extra-curricular opportunities to gain real life experience, to develop socially and emotionally and to have fun. We are proud of their excellent academic achievements and we are proud of the principled, caring young people they become.

Dr Paul Wood, Principal

An IB Education

IB learner profile logo enThe International Baccalaureate is unique to other qualifications because it has a mission: ‘to develop inquiring, knowledgeable and caring young people who help to create a better and more peaceful world through intercultural understanding and respect.’ The IB works actively towards this by developing programmes that provide the knowledge, concepts, skills, and actions needed to achieve this mission.

IB programmes aim to develop specific attributes that empower learners to promote intercultural understanding and respect; these attributes form the IB Learner Profile and are embedded in our ethos at Westminster Academy.

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The IB Diploma Programme

The IB Career Programme

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‘The Sixthletter’ was launched in December 2019 as an internal Sixth Form project: a monthly newsletter with articles, features and artwork created and compiled by students only. Take a look at some examples of their work below.

2021-2022 Term 4 edition

2021-2022 Term 2 edition

2020-2021 Term 6 edition

2020-2021 Term 5 edition

2020-2021 Term 4 edition

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Westminster Academy: Family

  • 07/6/22 It's a big day at WA - our students are collecting their results! Congratulations to all on such excellent achievements! What a wonderful group of students who will be missed. Read more
  • 07/5/22 It was such a pleasure to host from for our lecture to talk about the far infrared and its role in climate change. It was great to hear about cutting edge research and the potential long-term benefits of the research. Thank you Sanjee! Read more
  • 07/5/22 We're excited to see six of our Year 13s start their internships with this week. Thank you to all those supporting them, we can't wait to hear how they get on! Read more
  • 07/4/22 The Bi-Borough are offering free activities a meals through the Holiday Activities and Food (HAF) Programme this summer, for students aged 4 to 16. Find out more via the QR code below! Read more
  • 07/4/22 Teachers were impressed with our Year 10 students who did a great job on their first expedition on Thursday & Friday! For some it was their first opportunity to immerse themselves in nature and a real education in life outside London. Read more
  • 07/4/22 Grassroots sport is a massive challenge in an inner city environment so it’s brilliant to see so many children and parents at Academy Sports today for the awards ceremony today. These are the projects we need to nurture. Read more

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