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Posted on 14 Jul 2016

Sixth Form IB success

Last week Westminster Academy Sixth Formers celebrated the end of years of hard work as they received their International Baccalaureate (IB) results. Both International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) and International Baccalaureate Career-related Programme (IBCP) students once again achieved a 100% pass rate, with IBDP students surpassing the world average score.

The global nature of the IB enables students to access their results online from anywhere in the world on the worldwide release date in July, meaning almost 150,000 students in 136 countries across the planet were anxiously glued to their computer screens at 2.45pm on Wednesday to access their results.

High achievers in the IB Diploma Programme included Sebastian Nucinkis and Momoko Kawase Kennedy, who both achieved 40 points, out of a possible 45. These exceptional scores, equivalent to 611 UCAS points, were the result of success in each of the six academic subjects of the award, along with the IB Core (an extended essay, Theory of Knowledge and Creativity, Action and Service – CAS). The cohort put on an impressive overall performance, with the average grade of 31.7 (equivalent to more than 413 UCAS points) ranking above the world average.

IB Career-Related Programme students also enjoyed success, confirming exciting university places. Wimbledon stars may have been in the limelight recently, but this week WA’s very own Williams sisters triumphed, coincidentally achieving exactly the same grades in each of their IB subjects. Both Rochelle and Ashleigh Williams had chosen to challenge themselves by adding an extra subject to their IBCP qualification and they describe the experience on the course as the most amount of pressure they have ever encountered. Rochelle, who studied ICT, Visual Art, Spanish and Business Management, said, “I didn’t know what I was stepping into when I started the IB; I came up against a series of tough obstacles which took a lot of perseverance to overcome. I thought: I’ve started this, now I have to finish it.” Rochelle is now looking forward to taking up a degree in Psychology. Ashleigh Williams studied Visual Art, Spanish, Business Management and Creative Media for her IBCP but feels it was really her Reflective Project (part of the IBCP Core) entitled ‘Charlie Hebdo: Blasphemy vs Freedom of Speech’ which earned her a place at the University of Nottingham to study Religion, Philosophy and Ethics. Ashleigh said,

“Hard work pays off! I’m really happy that I have the grades for university.”

In January WA topped the post-16 performance tables in London. Dr Rana, said, “Westminster Academy is one of the few state schools in London to offer the IB and it is so important to us because it means students gain more than just a set of qualifications. I am proud that our students have taken every academic and enrichment opportunity during their time at WA to contribute to their future success, whether that be at an academic, professional or personal level. The IB is an incredibly demanding course and I cannot praise enough the commitment of the students in achieving these results."

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