Student Ambassadors

Our WA Student Ambassadors are Year 7 and 8 students who represent the school in a variety of events and activities.  They act as tour guides for visitors, answering any questions with enthusiasm and honesty!

Our students explain the roles, responsibilities and experience of being a WA Ambassador below. 

"I began feeling a sense of responsibility..."Ambassadors IMG 8760cc

"The Ambassador Role for students in Years 7-8 inspired me to take the initiative to improve my social skills and uplift my confidence. Not only did I get to meet new people and new personalities but the ambassador role at WA allowed me to discover what true communication between parents, students and the school teachers/staff meant. Through the many events and tasks like running Open Mornings and Evenings, Induction Days and showing newcomers around their possible place of future study for the next five years or more, I met Year 6 students, their parents, and local families.

During events when Year 6 students were present, my fellow ambassadors and I began feeling a sense of responsibility as we knew what it was like to be in their shoes and this is what the Ambassador role encapsulated - how can I use my experiences, whether good or bad, to benefit those yet to come. This was my aim at the beginning; when I wanted to join the Ambassador team I wanted to have an effect on the WA community even if it was quite small - as small as seeing those I once was responsible for in my Year 6 Induction Day class speaking to me daily about their new experiences as Year 7s. Furthermore, having small discussions about my school life with parents and answering their many questions opened me up to being a Reflective Thinker (both being IB Traits) because I was not only telling others about my experiences but thinking about them.

Ambassador 1In addition to meeting newcomer students and families, I also became more acquainted with my headteacher, who already connects with many students in the school, and was able to express my opinions directly to him.

Overall, being an Ambassador was a great experience that taught me many skills and helped me put them to use; for this reason I would recommend joining the Ambassador team and becoming part of a fantastic group in the school!"

- Rola, Year 10 student and former WA Student Ambassador


"WA encourages change, passion and happiness..."PDW and Haran Pillai Yr8

"I think that as a school and as a community, Westminster Academy strives to be different and always to be better. As an Ambassador, it makes me happy to see all my teachers, colleagues and friends at school always making a difference to their own lives. WA consistently encourages change, passion and happiness. I’ve been at this school for less than two years but it has provided me with far more than an outstanding-rated education."

- Haran, WA Student Ambassador