What Guides Us?

Playground West A 107cMission: "Education is Success"

In 2013 Westminster Academy students chose our Mission: "Education is Success".

We strive to fulfill our Mission through the dedication of a talented teaching faculty and support staff; a high-quality, ever-evolving curriculum; individualised academic support and an extensive extra-curricular activities programme.


Our ethos is student-centred and personalises learning for every student in a respectful environment so that all of our students are safe, secure and successful.

WA fosters a proud, cohesive, and ambitious staff body through an engaged and innovative professional learning community, where continuous active learning dialogue results in sustained progress for all students and professional growth for all staff.


Our HERO values were also selected by our students and underpin personal development, behaviour and welfare at Westminster Academy.Core values





Reflecting on the Academy values and British values forms a key part of personal tutoring at Westminster Academy.

IB Learner Profile

The IB Learner Profile is used across the school as a framework for character development. IB learners strive to be:

Ib learner p


Areas of Strategic Focus 2022-25

  1. Viewing learning from the perspective of the individual;

  2. All students benefiting from a child-informed approach;

  3. Using a distinctive, IB-informed “WA way” of teaching, learning and curriculum design;

  4. Nurturing student leaders;

  5. Teachers and students using assessment effectively;

  6. Enabling intergenerational learning and support;

  7. Developing curriculum collaboratively, with a whole-school perspective.