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"A vibrant, multicultural, inclusive community"

MF SA w IMG 8735I joined WA in September 2023; when you read this, you will realise I have not been at WA for very long, yet it has been filled with so many positive experiences that I feel compelled to share with you. WA is a vibrant, multicultural, inclusive community where everyone has an amazing story to share; here is mine!

During my interview, there was a real sense of ease. I had the privilege of speaking to several members of staff, including pupils, and it felt as if I had known them for ages.  After six months, I can confidently say this community is truly remarkable – not in the overused sense of the word that many organisations claim, but in the most genuine sense where everyone contributes to creating a positive and inclusive environment that fosters learning and personal growth for all.

I have been a teacher for eight years now, and it has been an incredible journey. The unpredictability of this profession is genuinely astounding – there is never a dull moment. Following my PGCE training, I have gained several qualifications and accreditations, which have provided me with valuable experience and skills. I am an accredited Lead Practitioner from the SSAT, hold an NPQ in Leading Behaviour and Culture, a Coaching qualification from the LSTSH, and an Aspiring Senior Leader qualification from the Harrow Collegiate Alliance. The CPD in WA is quite unique. Coaches and mentors take the time to develop colleagues in areas they choose, aligning individual preferences with the school's overall aims and values – and it works seamlessly.

I now work as the Director of Key Stage 4, focusing on raising standards by working alongside colleagues in both senior and middle leadership to develop and implement intervention plans. These plans help improve our students' readiness for exams, ensuring they achieve the best possible outcomes. I am looking forward to learning more and continuing to grow at WA.

M Farah, Director of Key Stage 4

"Incredible training"

I joined Westminster Academy straight from university where I obtained a first class degree in BSc Biotechnology.  Initially for the first academic year I worked as an LSA in the SEN department. I worked with numerous SEN students with a variety of different needs in various different lessons. This experience has proven to be invaluable as it taught me to apply classroom routines, differentiation and develop positive relationships with my students; all the time in different classroom settings. In September 2018 I moved to teaching in the Science Department and trained as a science teacher. I have found this experience to be very rewarding. I realised, more than ever, that teaching goes beyond the classroom. WA provides numerous opportunities to students of all abilities from a range of different backgrounds (e.g Reach Out Lab, and Primary Science, enrichment days and extra curricular clubs), and encourages students to develop scientific minds using the latest technology and equipment.

WA offers incredible training, not only INSET days but also weekly CPD training which continually fine-tunes my teaching practice.  I have also found that forming positive and nurturing relationships is imperative for students to build confidence and resilience.

I was very fortunate to have trained at WA because from the outset I was very well supported by my mentors, be it in the SEN or Science department and consequently I had the benefit of learning from very experienced teachers. Having spent the majority of my life in a different country, adapting to a different education system could not have gone any smoother and it is thanks to the help of an amazing staff body!

- D Pereira, Teacher of Science

"Boundless support and opportunities"

Staff profile SKAs an Early Career Teacher (ECT) at WA who has been here for almost two years, I can happily say that I am in a strong position merely because of the boundless support and opportunities I have received. The department I am in has been crucial in my journey. From day one to this day, I have not felt a shortage of encouragement and support. This is what makes working in WA unique. Everyone is supportive, understanding, and encouraging. There is a culture of shared sympathy and togetherness at WA that forms one of the reasons behind my strength and resilience in this line of work. 

WA is great at offering numerous and diverse opportunities for one to grow and excel. With effective CPDs, enjoyable events to partake in, trips, and valuable training, this school is perfect for anyone starting or developing in the education field. I have learned at WA that while this job is fast-paced and demanding, it is important to be somewhere with a strong team and stable support system. I have luckily found this in my department at WA. 

S Khanom, Teacher of History & Theory of Knowledge Coordinator

"Freedom to develop a curriculum which can reflect the diversity of our student body"

I joined Westminster Academy in September 2018, through the Teach First programme. Immediately on joining the school I felt well supported by an excellent mentor; a kind and welcoming staff body and a well planned CPD programme. There were definitely moments within the first year that I found challenging, but as part of a supportive environment, I always had somewhere to turn and ask for assistance. 

Through my time at Westminster Academy, I have been in a variety of roles including Transition Coordinator which supported Year 7 students who may find the move from primary to secondary school challenging, to second in charge of the English Department to the Curriculum Designer for English which is my current role. I have always enjoyed any role I have played within my department - designing curriculum being one of my passions. I love how at Westminster Academy we have lots of opportunities and freedom to develop a curriculum which can reflect the diversity of our student body and also build upon the skills that the International Baccalaureate sets out. Every member of the English department is as passionate as I am that students should be exposed to numerous texts, themes and ideas throughout their time at our school. 

Westminster Academy is a school that is constantly adapting to meet the needs of our student body. The one constant over the course of my six years here, has been the spark and dynamism of our pupils who are not only our motivation but our greatest strength.

I Hilliard, Teacher of English and Curriculum Designer for English

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