Westminster Academy’s ethos is built around the student-centred and internationally-minded values of the International Baccalaureate. Students enjoy curriculum journeys rich in breadth, depth and challenge meaning that subjects and disciplines are valued at all stages and students follow a broad curriculum all the way from Year 7 to 13.


Curriculum Intent

The WA curriculum, including the personal development curriculum, will support student success by ensuring that they know, do, and understand more. Effective road-mapping will help students link and relate topics to prior and future learning, building the metacognitive skills to become successful enquirers. Student-centred learning will be promoted through successful independent practice and the practical application of knowledge. This will be supported by appropriate instruction, modelling, scaffolding and guided practice. Our curriculum will be both a mirror and a window, reflecting all members of our community whilst challenging preconceptions and equipping students with the skills and experience to think critically.

More about our curriculum

  • In key stages 3 and 4, students follow the UK national curriculum. Our key stage 3-4 prospectus (including lists of courses offered) can be found here.
  • In key stage 5, students study the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) or Career-Related Programme (IBCP).  Follow the links below for more information on the IB programmes. 

Ibdp programme logo enIbcp programme logo en


  • Our key stage 5 prospectus can be found here.
  • Our curriculum booklets (linked below) explain the details of the curriculum for each subject.
  • Our Curriculum and Assessment Policy can be viewed on our Key Information pages.
  • Our curriculum is developed in accordance with the Equality Act 2010 and the Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Regulations 2014. You can read how in our Accessibility Plan and our SEND Policy.                               

Curriculum Planners

The Westminster Academy curriculum has been planned to build skills, knowledge and understanding through distinct but interrelated journeys into each of our subject-based disciplines. Our Curriculum Planners are organised by year group and show the cross-curricular links for each year group throughout the course of the academic year.

Year 7 Curriculum Planner

Year 8 Curriculum Planner

Year 9 Curriculum Planner

Year 10 Curriculum Planner

Year 11 Curriculum Planner

Sixth Form Curriculum Planner

Curriculum Overviews

Our Curriculum Overviews have been written to communicate our intent for learning in each subject, and then to show how learning develops at each stage of study. 

Studies in Language and Literature English
Language Acquisition Modern Foreign Languages
Individuals and Societies Anthropology
Business Management and Enterprise
Religious Studies
Travel and Tourism
Sciences Computing
Food and Nutrition
Sports, Health and Exercise
Mathematics Mathematics
Arts Dance


Music development plan

Visual Arts
The Core Careers Education (inc. Personal & Professional Skills)
Academic Writing (inc. IB Extended Essay & Reflective Project)
Personal, Social, Health & Economic Education (PSHE) & Relationships, Sex & Health Education (RSHE)
Service Learning (inc. IB CAS: Creativity Action Service)
Critical Thinking (inc. IB Theory of Knowledge, Oxnet Programmes and Dare to Know)

Careers Education, Independent Advice and Guidance

Find out more: Contact us ( with any specific questions about our curriculum. If you have a child at the school, you can contact your child's teacher.